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 4arKItect 4.4.3 implements new features:

  1. Through Chains, you can now generate Work Products (Excel or Word document) and manage their baseline:
    • you can now freely design custom baselined Work products (documents) from your systems engineering artefacts,
    • You can select from the chain object types and attributes you want to display versus the ones that you just use for organizing the view.
    • Also it is possible to specify different kind of display, e.g. gather together a set of objects in a cell or change the order of columns.
    • Configuration management of model objects and generated documents is integrated into chains management,
    • This way you can design your Work Products generation from artefacts e.g. in order  to meet Automotive-Spice requirements or more generally quality insurance requirements.
    • This new feature supports e.g. an FMEA format and offers the opportunity to completely integrate safety studies in a system model.
  2. Control impact of changes in the model on the Chains,
    • Basically, once a chain is edited, it is not impacted by model changes except when you move objects displayed in the chain (change their parent) or when you remove globally an object that belong to a chain (in that case, it will be removed from the chain as well).
    • However, a chain may need to be updated after a change in the model since last time the chain was released.
    • You now get the possibility to see everything that happened in the model and may impact your chain.
  3. You can now save your graph view and restore it to undo graphical changes
    • Logical Collaborative Undo/Redo does exist for a long time, we now propose a counterpart for managing views.
  4. A first version of Vectors or Messages is available in this new release.
    • Adding a modeling of message sets and networks  to a data model is now a matter of minutes.
  5. Model gateway get several improvements:
    • Show all objects imported to a Chains,
    • Export objects variants,
    • Define an order to import sheets
    • Scan several time the same sheet
    • This makes Model Gateway much easier to use and by the way whatever the complexity of the input data, you normally don't need to prepare  or change the source document before proceeding to the import.
  6. insert images to Markup attribute,
  7. List all object history : control object modification (change of attributes, allocation of object ..) thanks to a python API
    • This feature allows you to control that actions have been performed by persons with relevant skills and/or responsibility.
    • another application would be to measure the effort for developing a system specification or a particular study in arKItect.
    • both cases are relevant for supporting an Automotive Spice assessment/report.

Document generator

  • Use Chain mechanism to construct the document elements, show only objects and flows what you want in the document
  • Configure your document format (hide or show object attributes, show object as an attribute .. )
  • Preview document before generate
  • Control objects revision to be in the document
  • Integrate modification on the document



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Messages mechanism

  • Create a network through Message
  • Propagate data in the network


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Graphical Undo

Backup your graph position and restore it when you want

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Backup : Backup current graph (all object positions are backup)

Restore : restore a backup

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Functional chains: parents hierarchy, impact analysis of changes in the model

Control the impact of changes in the model to Chain and apply or ignore them.


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Model Gateway import to a Chain

Import or update easily a chain thank to Model Gateway import


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