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Welcome to the arKItect 4.4.x documentation.

arKItect Developer Getting Started

New to arKItect? Start by exploring the arKItect Developer Getting Started. The Getting Started Guide illustrates the First Steps, presents the Developer Environment, shows you how to navigate in arKItect projects (see Navigation in the Diagram and Navigation in Projections), how to work with objects and manage variants.



Want to start your project using our systems engineering framework? Try our System Engineering Advanced 


arKItect Developer User's Guide

The arkitect Developer User's Guide is for project managers, experts, system engineers – anyone who uses arKItect. Start by exploring the Getting Familiar with arKItect and learning about Workspaces, Projects, Projections and the Internal Block Diagram. Try creating a new project, then add objects and flows, navigate in the project, manage the diversity of your project and collaborate with your fellows.

arKItect Designer Getting Started

New to the creation of meta-models? The arKItect Designer Getting Started introduces you to the Designer Environment , shows you how to work with rules and manage filters . Rules and filters constitute the two cornerstones of your meta-model.

arKItect Designer User's Guide

The standard types and projections are not enough for you? The arKItect Designer User's Guide will help you to create rules and filters fit your modeling needs. You will learn how to create types and flows, how to define attributes and create filters on which your projections are based. You will also find out how to change the graphical aspect of objects in order to meet or define your own graphical codes.

Administrator's Guide

The administrator of your projects manages users and workspaces. He can also configure the rights and control the database size. See every detail in the Administrator's Guide.

Installation Guide

The arKItect Installation Guide is for people who are installing arKItect. Check the requirements and supported platforms, then download and install arKItect. It is also possible to consult the Release Notes 4.4.0

Scripting Documentation

These resources are for software developers who want to develop their own scripts for arKItect. Take a look at the Scripting Documentation and the API documentation. Some additional libraries will help you to develop more complex scripts. You may also try the tutorials for a short example. The interface uses Python 2.7, have a look to its documentation


Need Any Support?

Met a problem with arKItect? Try the FAQ or the search engine above. The Glossary can be used to clarify arKItect terminology. If you cannot find a solution, go to our support page.

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