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In arKItect, projects are located in workspaces. Workspaces resemble folders containing projects. To can learn more about workspaces, see Workspaces. To create, rename or delete a workspace, you can use the Workspaces Administration page.

The Workspaces Administration page is located on the identification server at http://SERVER_NAME/WAM/. For accounts hosted by Knowledge Inside, the address is A login and a password are required to access the page.

From this page, you can also administrate the arKItect users. This means that you can:

  • Add a new user
  • Remove a user
  • Set a user as Developer or Designer
  • Change the user details (mail, password, etc.)
  • Define what workspaces a given user can access
  • Create new workspaces and rename existing ones

If you do not have an arKItect Administrator for your project, you must use arKItect support as your Workspace and User Administrator. You can address your requests to the arKItect support. However, only the person designated as responsible for administration in the license agreement can demand modifications on arKItect users and workspaces.

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