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Workspaces are used to order the different projects. They can be linked to folders on your computer while the projects correspond to files. The only difference is that a workspace can only contain projects, whereas folders can also contain other folders. A project can be located in one and only one workspace at a time.

Only the Workspace Administrator has the rights to create, delete or name workspaces. He also decides which workspaces a user can access and what the rights of a user are in a given workspace.

When you log in on arKItect, you are asked to choose a workspace. The reason for this is that you can only work on projects existing in your workspace.

Available Workspaces

By default, there are (at least) four available workspaces:

  • Default: this workspace is the standard working environment.
  • Demos: this workspace contains the project examples provided with your arKItect installation.
  • Sandbox: this workspace is intended as a training environment.
  • Templates: this workspace contains the meta-models that can be used as templates for your projects. If the meta-models contain a Process View, they should be used to create copies in order to conserve the objects of the Process View (for more information see the meta-model documentation).

New workspaces can be created by a Workspace Administrator who can also make modifications on existing workspaces. For more information, see the Administrator's Guide.

Choosing a Workspace

When you have just logged in and your login and password have been recognized, you will be presented with a list of workspaces. Choose one and press Select.

When this is done, arKItect opens. Since no project has yet been opened, the arKItect window is empty:

Changing the Workspace

At any moment, you can change the current workspace. To do so, use the menu FileChange Workspace...

Moving a Project to Another Workspace

Moving a project to another workspace is not directly possible. What you can do instead is to copy your project to a new workspace and to delete the old project if you no longer need it.


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