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The project data represents the data of your project. Every project is defined by a meta-model (rules and filters) and project data. The meta-model:

The project data is the actual collection of object instances along with their attributes and variants. The project data is visible through different representations such as treeviews, the Internal Block Diagram and special views.

There is one and only one set of project data per project. This means that modifying the project data in the Internal Block Diagram or a treeview of a particular projection modifies the project data everywhere. Modifications can have repercussions in every other diagram and in every treeview. Let us consider some examples:

  • If the project data contains an object called System, and if this object is visible in three diagrams, renaming System to Subsystem will rename the object in all three diagrams.
  • If an Internal Block Diagram displays all the components of Subsystem, and if someone adds a new component to Subsystem in any other diagram or treeview, it will be added to the original diagram.
  • If you create a link between two systems S1 and S2, the flow object will be visible in both S1 and S2.

One special object is the root of the project (for more information, see object hierarchy). It is the only object that is not contained in any other object. All the other objects are contained in one or several objects. When an object contains another, we call this a parent-child relation. Therefore, we can use the words ancestors, descendants, children, siblings, etc. when talking about objects. For example, we can say that no object can be its own ancestor. We could also say that the root is the ancestor of all the other objects.

Because there is one and only one set of project data per project, all its representations remain coherent. As all the data are hosted on a single server, all the representations for all the users connected to a specific project thus remain coherent.

The following pages will show you what you can do with the project data.


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