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Hello world

Meta-model prerequisites

To run a script, there are some prerequisites:

  1. Run arKItect and create a new project without a template
  2. Create a Program attribute at the root of Rules (used to store the script and launch it)
  3. In order to launch the script, we need to have at least one projection where the script is accessible, so create a filter (named all for example) where all rules are checked

Creation of your first script

Now you can create and run your first script.

To get started, we can try to run a "Hello world" program:


Hello world!
===={ Script Execution Terminated }==========================

It is important to know that all the code you write must be in a function with a parameter self (the function can be named as you want). The value of self represents a reference to the object where this script is run (near the root object in view all).

A script to create a simple meta-model

Create rules

Create a simple architecture with flow connecting functions allocated to systems.

Add attributes to a given type


===={ Script Execution Terminated }==========================

We can see that the attributes have been created by a script.

Change the properties of a given type


(0, 0, 0)
(0, 255, 0)
Rounded Rectangle
===={ Script Execution Terminated }==========================

The roperties have been changed.

Create filters


Functions only
System and Functions
===={ Script Execution Terminated }==========================

Check rules

In the filter Functions, no rules are checked, so we need check the rule Function in this filter.

Add data in the project

We will try to add some data to check if our meta-model works fine.

Do the same actions in only one script

You can write all previous scripts in only one script:

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