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An arKItect project may contain an important number of objects describing different aspects of the model. To make your work with a model effective, arKItect offers the mechanism of filters and projections. In arKItect, a projection is a way to filter the contents of the project; it permits to leave visible only the necessary parts of a model. The projections are created by using filters: roughly speaking, a filter describes which types are visible in a given context and which are not. Each project may contain several filters and the corresponding projections. The drop-down list in the Navigation Panel of the Home Category of the arKItect window helps you to navigate between the different projections:

To give a very simple example of the use of projections, imagine that you have a project with both software and hardware components. Sometimes you want to work on software modeling, sometimes on hardware modeling, and sometimes you want to work on the allocation of the software items on the hardware components. With the projections of arKItect, you can choose to see one or the other or both aspects of the project. This functionality allows you to change the current view according to your needs.

The System Engineering Advanced 6.2 provides examples of a more complex use of filters and projections.

The current filter defines what you see: it defines which objects are visible in the created projection. The projection includes both the treeview and the Internal Block Diagram representations.


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