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You now know how to navigate in the Internal Block Diagram and in the Treeview. However, arKItect is a multi-view visualization tool and it is thus possible to have several different views on the system. These views, they are actually called projections in arKItect terminology, are accessed via the Navigation Panel of the Home Category. Projections are created by applying corresponding filters which permit to filter out certain parts of the project.

We can see that the currently active projection is called System Architecture; if you click on the arrowhead next to the projection name, you can see that there are in total three projections, namely:

  • Requirements Management
  • System Architecture
  • Physical Architecture

Select Requirements Management from the Treeviews list; this activates the Requirements Management filter and displays the objects visible in this projection. In the Internal Block Diagram, double-click on the Coffee Maker object. You can now see that this view resembles System Architecture; however, only the stakeholder Requirements and Systems are displayed.

Activate now the Physical Architecture filter, and double-click on the Coffee Maker object in the Internal Block Diagram. The Requirement flows have now disappeared and only the Systems, Enabling Systems, Components and the Thermal, Electrical and Matter flows are visible. In addition, the Liquid Type attribute of Matter flows is no longer visible on the flow containers.

You can see that the Storage system object is expanded (this action was taken in the System Architecture projection). The Physical Architecture filter is actually a subfilter, meaning that it is linked to the System Architecture filter. A subtree can only contain object types that are also present in the parent filter and the object positions between the two projections are linked: moving an object in the Internal Block Diagram of Physical Architecture also moves it in the System Architecture projection and vice versa.

As you have now opened all three projections, you can see them appear as tabs visible at the left-hand side (if the Treeview panel is not displayed, click on the Show Treeviews button in the Navigation Panel of the Home Category). You can use these tabs to navigate between projections.

The System Architecture filter actually contains all the object types existing in the project while the other two filters only display certain chosen types.

Now that you are familiar with the navigation aspects, we can start Working with Objects.


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