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The Internal Block Diagram is a view of the objects of your project. It is always related to a projection and to the object that is the focus of the treeview. You can change the focus by navigation.

The Internal Block Diagram is displayed in a large central panel, the default position of which is in the middle of your arKItect window. If the focus object in the treeview has children, the Internal Block Diagram (IBD) displays these children (for more information on object hierarchy, see Object Hierarchy.). The IBD also shows the flows exchanged between the children. In the case of the Solar System, the Internal Block Diagram would be:

In this diagram, you can see the different first-level child objects of the Solar System. There is one star (the Sun), six planet systems and two planets (Mercury and Pluto). The graphical attributes (shape, color, etc.) are defined by the type of the object. You can also see flows between the objects. The red flows represent here heat flows and the green ones are attraction flows.

The next diagram is a view of the Earth System. The squares at the beginning of the flows symbolize incoming flow ports (see flows going to the Earth and to the Moon). It is important to note than the flows coming in from other systems are in this way represented graphically.

These two diagrams (the Solar System and the Earth System) are coherent. They are also coherent with the treeview representation of the system. Moreover, they are coherent with each treeview. All the treeviews and diagrams of the project are always logically coherent, they form one coherent whole.


You do not have anything to do to maintain the coherency, this is done automatically by arKItect. Furthermore, you cannot break it.

The previous diagrams were only simple examples; many other things can be represented via the Internal Block Diagram. Here is an example with a more complex view. The stars (for instance the Sun) have attributes, the attraction flows have names, and the Earth System has been expanded. When an object is expanded, you can see inside the Internal Block Diagram of your focus system (the Solar System) the diagram of the child object (the Earth System).


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