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Install arKItect

To install arKItect on your computer, you must:

  1. Download arKItect and save the file on your computer
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Run file arKitect.exe present in the produced folder

That's all, now you can run arKItect or read information about release.

Windows SmartScreen protection


When executing "arKItect.exe" file for the first time, Windows SmartScreen protection can be launched as the application is not known yet.

Please follow the upcoming procedure:

1) Click on "Additional information"2) Click on "Run anyway"




Solving Microsoft office generation issues

When exporting an Excel / Word file from arKItect choosing a specific path, it sometimes does not generate the excel file at all.

The cause is a Microsoft Office update. A workaround is provided below.


This fix requires a manual procedure on your side !

If you encounter this issue on your computer, follow this procedure:

  1. Download the patch (link)
  2. Close arKItect
  3. Extract the content of the patch zip
  4. Launch the "reset_pywin32_cache.bat" file
  5. Re-open arKItect and retry your deliverable

If the issue remains, please contact us at

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