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We begin this tutorial by starting arKItect and opening the Coffee Maker - Getting Started project in workspace Demos. This workspace is one of the workspaces created automatically for every user.

After starting arKItect, the Coffee Maker project can be opened by accessing the Main button(File) menu and choosing Open from the list of actions or simply using a Ctrl+O shortcut.

The Coffee Maker - Getting Started project opens on the following view. In this project, a generic coffee maker has been modeled. Both the physical components of the system (objects of type System and Component) as well as the Stakeholders and their Requirements have been represented.

In order to continue working on the project while conserving its initial version intact, we shall begin by creating a copy of it. Go to Main button(File) → Advanced and choose Copy Project from the menu or simply use Ctrl+S shortcut.

You can make a copy either in the same workspace or choose to export the copy to another workspace. Check the Export to another workspace check-box to copy the project to the Sandbox workspace. You will also need to login to this workspace. A default name is proposed for the copy; however, this name can be modified as wished.

The Sandbox workspace is intended to be used as a training environment; for your regular projects, we recommend that you use the Default workspace.

Now, a copy of the project has been created; however, the original project is still open (and we are still in the original workspace). Close the project via Main button(File)Close. You can now log on to the destination workspace by going to Main button(File)Workspace → Change Workspace or simply using Ctrl+W shortcut. Open the copy via Main button(File)Open or simply using Ctrl+O shortcut.

You should now have the following view in front of you:

The elements of this view are presented in detail in Developer Environment.


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