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To create a project, you must have the corresponding rights. Ask your arKItect Administrator for authorization.

When you are logged in to a workspace, you can add a new project to this workspace. To do this, use the New button in the QAT. You can also use the Main button(File)New... menu command or the CTRL+N keyboard shortcut. All these actions will open the following window:

You should write the name for your project in the Project Name field. You may also choose a project template (Use Template) that permits you to copy the types and treeviews from another project.


If you are not an arKItect Designer, you must choose an existing template or your project shall be unusable.

Press OK, and arKItect will create your project and open it.


Since arKItect can only handle one opened project at a time, the creation of a new project will close any previously opened project.

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