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We developed some python libraries to answer some current needs. You might find useful to rely on it instead of redeveloping what we did.

  • advanced - package containing advanced features that are managed by script
  • arkiexport - library for exporting and importing parts of architecture to XML files.
  • arkimatrixexport - library for exporting and importing parts of Matrix and TreeViews to xml files.
  • arkivariantsexport - library for exporting and importing parts of choices and variants structure to xml files.
  • graph - package with libraries for manipulating graphical objects in arKitect views.
  • arkilayout - library for organizing graphs' layouts.
  • projectsmerger - library for merging two projects in a new one.
  • matrixupdater - library for updating matrix from a matrix export.
  • MIC Model - package to manage Model Identity Card data
  • utils - package containing library of additional Python functions for arKitect, simplifying routine tasks.
  • ui - libraries for working with graphical interface.
  • word_template - library to easily generate Microsoft Word documents from arKItect.
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