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Table of Contents


Document Structure

This guide is composed of three parts: 

  1. SEA Activities: different views of arKItect SEA are described in this part. The activities of some views can be performed either in a graphical view called Internal Block Diagram (IBD) or in a Tabular View. In these cases, the activities are explained in both graphical and tabular views. These activities are illustrated by an example, called LapTop.
  2. SEA Tools: arKItect SEA offers some tools which are explained in this part and are classified as follows:
    • Tools related to different views such as Validation Plan Tools of the view 6: to facilitate the activities of different views. In this case, there is a link to these tools, at the end of the description of the concerned views in SEA activities,
    • Documents Generation Tools: to generate the deliverables and reports about the projects,
    • Import / Export Tools: to transfer data between SEA arKItect and other tools such as Excel, DOORS, etc.,
    • Generic Tools: to manage some properties of Objects, customize their display of Objects, manage different options of a product in a project, etc. These tools are integrated in arKItect and consequently in SEA arKItect,
    • Analysis Tools: to manage some properties, customize their display of Objects, etc. These tools are specific to SEA arKItect.
  3. Glossary: a table to give a list of technical terms used specifically in SEA arKItect and those used generally in arKItect. Their acronyms, synonyms, descriptions, way to access, and icons are also given in this table.
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