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Global information

Goal of STR Sys

STR Sys is used to extract sent requirements from a system breakdown to others systems (Requirement or Enabling system) by refine. The used format is an Excel and the used view is “2.1. Define requirements”.

Requirements concerned are those descendants of the selected system breakdown with an output refine to a requirement of another system (Enabling system or Requirement defined as a system). Data are extracted in two sheets “System to other systems” and “System to ES by refine”. The following image shows you exported relation if you select [ELECTRIC DRIVE] Breakdown

Access to the STR Sys

The result of running the script "STR Sys" will constitute the STR Sys document.

Go to the Process view.

Enter the box Object Tools.

Once inside, find the Object DEA-ME and double click on it.

Find the script "STR Sys" then, right-click on it and click on run.


You must have created in view “2.1 Define requirements” :

  • "Other system requirements" types under a System breakdown.
  • Refines in output of "Other system requirement"

You must have cleaned requirements view with reporting tool on the following subjects (See Reporting):

  • Duplicated inside and outside the system
  • Linked with refines to bad or no objects
  • Has multiple parents through refine
  • Allocated to multiple function(s), ES(s), or requirement(s) through refine

Expected results

Description of the Result

After running the script, you have to select a "system breakdown" then click on OK. For our example, we have selected "[ELECTRIC DRIVE] Breakdowns".


Details of the columns : 

  • System : selected system breakdown
  • Features : list of Features owning the exported requirement
  • Requirement id : ArkiId of the descendant requirement with an output refine
  • Requirement name : name of the requirement
  • Requirement description : description of the requirement
  • Enabling system or other system : these columns depend of the selected sheet but it is the system receiving the requirement

The following result depends on our example above.

System to ES by refine :

System to other systems :

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