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Open the generic project

Before starting to work, you have to open your own project.On this purpose, launch the arKItect application and log in. Use the login and password you received by mail and choose the WorkSpace "Template". Workspaces are defined to store projects in different spaces and are shown in the scrollbar at the bottom of the login window.Press the select button to confirm. It allows users to manage accesses to projects for some users.



If you have some connections problem, please contact our support at

You now have the arKItect window. We will open the generic empty project used for example projects. Click the "open" button  and select the project "Empty" from the list in the "open project" window.


Create your own copy

You will now create your own copy. On this purpose, click the "KI" button   and choose "Advanced" then "Copy Project". The copy project window appears.


You can create a copy of the project on the same Workspace (we are currently in Workspace Demos) but objective here is to create a copy of the project in a playing Workspace. So on the copy window choose the option Export to another workspace. Then click on the select button appeared when choosing this option. This will open a arKItect login window in which you have to indicate the workspace in which you want to do the copy. The playing workspace is named Sandbox_user, user will change in this workspace name for each user.


You have the possibility to choose the name of the copy you will create. Choose it cleverly to identify it easily later.
The last thing to do is to close current project, using tab "file" and choosing "close", and to log in the other workspace to find the done copy. Re-using your logins, choosing the workspace Sandbox_user this time, you find the copy you just did.

Then click again on the "open" button and choose your new project.


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