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Documents Generation - Tools: to generate the deliverables and reports about the projects.

Listing of the exports

Non-exhaustive list of the different export and import with Word and Excel made from arKitect.

Word Export


NameAcronymDownload exampleDocument description


System Architecture Design 








Word document giving a whole representation of your system with the functional  architecture (functional view), physical architecture (physical view) and the physical architecture with functional objects allocated (allocation view).

It describes by a top-down approach the different objects of the architecture providing the different relations (parent-children, allocation, producer-consumer,..)  with  both screenshot  and associated tables. Global export of the system which helps to clarify the understanding of the system designed, you can select the perimeter of the export, the SAD being a global export of the system, the CAD an specific export of a selected component and the FAD a specific export of a selected function.   



Function Architecture  Design







Word document describing the functional architecture with :

  • a graph of the external static view
  • another graph of the internal static view,
  • a table of the functional tree to list the functions breakdown,
  • tables for each function to get a detailed description of this function and its flows,
  • and flows description table.



Component Architecture  Design







Word document describing the physical architecture with :

  • a diagram of the internal architecture, same applies for the external architecture,
  • tables to describe in detailed the internal interfaces, same applies for external interfaces,
  • tables of the physical tree,

and also the physical allocation :

  • tables to describe the functions aggregated per component,
  • a table of the functional tree with their associated components

System Technical Requirement

 ( / Component)


STR comp

System Technical Requirements_Laptop.doc.pdf

Allow exporting in a Word document high level internal requirements not allocated to functions or components and  provided by an external analysis. The external requirements are refined in internal requirements , these internal requirements define the requirements specification of the system without  entering in the solution area (the requirements allocated to function and components).

Project      Reporting

Allow  exporting in a Word file an overview of the work in progress and to do, particularly about the requirements (internal and external) and the SAD. Different annexes help you to improve your model, correcting the inconsistencies and  completing your arKItect project while respecting the good practices.

Technical Specification


Technical Specification_Laptop.doc.pdf

Allow  exporting in a Word file the requirements of one or several components. The requirements exported are either directly allocated to the selected components or belonging to the functions directly allocated to the selected components (not the sub-functions). 

To obtain it, select some components and you obtain all the allocated requirements, each requirement has one table composed of name, ID, description, comment, version. The table are structures by chapters which are the parents requirements.

System            Design Requirements




1.    SDR_1 FC_Laptop.doc.pdf


2.   SDR_all AC_Laptop.doc.pdf

Allow exporting in a Word document the requirements of the objects belonging to the Functional Chains, Physical Chains and Allocation Chains selected.  It  defines input requirements  for a conception activity specific, highlighted by a limited perimeter of objects.

Chains are composed of :

  • Functional Chain : Functions, Flows, Enabling Systems
  • Physical Chain : components, Physical Interfaces, Enabling Systems
  • Allocation Chain : components, Functions, Flows, Enabling Systems

Export/import Excel

NameAcronymDownload exampleDocument description

Requirement GateWay



Allow exporting (and importing) a Excel file listing all the requirements of the project with all the informations (relation parent-children, allocation to objects, attributes) in ∼40  columns. 

Possibility to apply different filters to the requirements exported (for example: by component, by function, by state,  by stakeholder) and to hide  columns.

Export Excel

NameAcronymDownload exampleDocument description







Allow exporting an Excel file with a tree of requirements of the project. This may help you having a clear visual of a family of requirements, being able to see their parent/child relationship.

You can choose the requirements perimeter you need to export from every requirement belonging to the system,  enabling system or stakeholder and you will export:

  • the requirements selected and all their childrens, it provides the "down" tab,
  • the leaf requirements from the "down" tab and all their parents, it provides the "up" tab. It allows to analyse the impact of a requirement modification on its parents, for example if a stakeholder wish to modify a requirement we will be able to determine the other stakeholders impacted and accountable.




 Allow exporting an Excel file with a tree of functions or of components of the project, as well as the requirements  or the flows allocated to them. You will be able to select the function family to export, or one/multiple component(s) to see the function(s) allocated to that/those component(s).

This may also help you having a clear visual of a family of functions by being able to see their parent/child relationship

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