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Let's start with those objects. First, after opening your empty project, you have to select the treeview in which you will work. In our case, we will choose view "3.1. Define functional architecture". It will allow us to define our system and its environment (stakeholders and enabling systems).

Once you selected it, you are able to create the system. Using the palette, you drag and drop the system object in the treeview. After, arKItect will ask you to give a name to your object (by default, the name is the type of concerned object, here system)


So here, call your system "Phone Charger".

We will now create its environment. The same way we did it before, drag and drop an enabling system in your working view, and call it "Phone". Then, drag and drop a second enabling system and call it "Electrical grid".

You will have a view with the three created objects. You can move them and resize them as you want. Be sure your project looks like the following:



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