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Following the systems engineering process, it's now time to create the physical architecture.

We will work on the view "5.1. Allocate functions on components".

In this view, we will create components (components are modeling physical components of the system) under the system and allocate functions in them.

To enter the system, double-click on it. You are now inside the "Phone Charger".

Using the palette, create two components "Filter" and "Transformer". Then, we will proceed to add the functions in components.

In order to do this, right-click on a component; let's start with "Filter". Choose the Add Existing Object feature, and the function type. You will see the list of existing functions. Choose the function "Filter current", and click on the add button.


Do the same to add the function "Adapt current" to the component "Transformer". To see your allocation, you can use the expand feature, by right-clicking on an object. Use it on the two components, and you will have a view like this:


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