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In view 2.c Requirements traceability chains, it is possible to build chains the objects of which are requirements, context systems, stakeholders and refine links.

This view has been added to help user identify and represent a net of linked and refined requirements.

Because systems may be very complex and carry hundreds of external requirements and hundreds to thousands of internal requirements, it is no longer possible to rely on a single view and encompass all requirements net at once.

Our experience is that requirements chains help build traceability analysis, justify requirements refinement, perform impact analysis in case of a modification…



Here is an example of stakholder needs refined into building requirements and then into functional concepts.

In arKItect, refinement can be modeled as hierarchical relation or as a refine link between two requirements. Hierarchy should be preferably used for structuring requirements and refine links should be interpreted as producing requirements impacts receiving requirement.

Such requirements can also be used to identify all requirements impacts by a given requirements and produce subsequent view as an input to analysis.


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