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Table of Contents

Goal of the Fill IDs

This tool manages the IDs of all objects in the project. In this way an object becomes unique. It generates the IDs with three possible parameters: All, Bad, News.

Figure 1. Example of result

Access to Fill IDs

This tool is displayed in whole project and there using the project tools button (see Figure 3) :

Figure 3. Project tool menu



This tool has four options:

  • All : erase old values and replace them by new values (use with caution),
  • Bad : rewrite wrong and fill empty values considering mismatched prefix,
    • Bad / Allow prefix mismatch: mismatched prefix are not considered as wrong values,
  • New : fills only empty values.

Script working

Composition of good IDs

An identifier is : TYPE _ PREFIX _ NUMBER. This identifier is an attribute named ArkiId (ID). A ‘good’ ID for Fill IDs is composed of 3 parts:

  1. Type of Object_: Obligatory
  2. Prefix of the Parent of the Object (System / Enabling System / Stakeholder / component)_: Optional
  3. Number: Obligatory

Remark: in only 2 cases, the second part (Object Type) remains empty after running Fill IDs/bad:

-          if there is no prefix in the table of properties of its Parent.

-          if an Object is on the root (since there is no prefix for the root):

  • External Physical Interfaces,
  • External UCs,
  • External VCs.

Types of Objects concerned by this script and their prefix are as follows:

Physical Interface : INT
component : CMP
Function : FUN
Requirement : REQ
Data flow : FLO
Physical flow : FLO

Validation campaign : VC
Test-Unit : TU
Operation : OP

PREFIX is given to an Object, if its parent has a prefix. In arKItect SEA, we can give prefix to the Objects of the following types (see Figure 4) : Stakeholder, Enabling System, System and component.


Figure 3. Example of prefix

NUMBER is unique by couple TYPE_PREFIX. An object has a NUMBER the other object with the same type can't have this NUMBER even if you delete this object.


Read Only Users management


Starting with SEA 6.1.4, Fill IDs and all exports scripts using  it is protected against read-only users that does not have the right to edit the ArkiId attribute.

If the project need to be updated by a normal user (Developer or Designer), the following message will appear :

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