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Goal of the Requirements GateWay

This tool exports requirements to an external Excel file (requirements template file defined by KI for RSA). It contains requirements tree: each row is a requirement and the columns include its attributes and allocations.

Access to the Requirements GateWay

To acces to the tool, you have to go in the view process:

Export Requirements

Choose one export

You can choose either to export all requirements or to filter them:

  • Export All: exports all requirements of your project,
  • Export Components Requirements: exports only requirements allocated to selected component,
  • Export Function requirements: exports only requirements allocated to selected function,
  • Export High level requirements: exports only requirements under a requirement with attribute status to "High level".

Advanced parameters

  • Export obsolete requirements : by default is unchecked and doesn't consider requirements with attribute status to "obsolete"
  • Export Attached file : export files added to requirements in attribute attachment and make link with excel when there are several files to one requirement, it makes automatically a zip.
  • Saved Excel file : purposes to user to save excel files somewhere on the user computer, if option "export attached this option is automatically checked.


Create a Projection Revision

You may create a projection revision before exporting the requirements. As shown in the following figure, the concerning box is checked by default:

Sheet "Owners"

It calls an other tool description there.


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