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Goal of the Color Requirements

Color Requirements is a Tool to change default or modified color for all define requirements. Requirements have two attributes : requirement type and status. Color depends of these attributes values (see figure 1).

Figure 1. Example of result

Access to Color Requirements

This script is displayed in whole project and there are two ways to use this tool, the first one is by tools menu (see Figure 2):

Figure 2. Tools menu

The second one is by tools project button (see Figure 3) :

Figure 3. Project Tools menu


Color of the requirements depends of two attributes : requirement type and requirement status.

Requirement type

The script colors all Requirements according to the value of the attribute Requirement Type (see Figure 4):

  • Behavioural requirement
  • Constraint
  • Diag Requirement
  • Functional Requirement
  • High level
  • Interface requirement
  • MMI requirement
  • Operational requirement
  • Performance requirement
  • Safety requirement
  • System concept

Figure 4. Example

Requirement Status

When the "status" attribute is set to "Obsolete", the Requirement is colored into gray regardless the requirement type. This attribute has priority
on requirement type.

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