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Goal of the Allocate functions

The goal of allocate functions is to help user to find which functions is not allocated. It compares the Projection 3.0. ‘Define Functional Architecture’ and the Projection 5.1. ‘Allocate Functions to Components’ and checks functions. Functions of the 3.0. that are not found in 5.1. are added under a component (red) named not allocated functions.

Figure 1 Allocation window

Access to the Allocate functions

To run the script you have to go in Process view :

Figure 2 How to run the tool



1) If a function parent is allocated to a component and children not allocated, children are not considered by this tool.
2) If a function parent is not allocated but every children are allocated or answer to 1), parent is not considered by the tool.
3) If a function parent is not allocated but some children are not allocated too and do not answer to 1 and 2, children not allocated are added to view 5.1 to complete allocation.


Functions answers to 3) are added to view 5.1 under a red component named Not allocated functions, then user can drag&drop functions to other components and delete red components.

Figure 3 Example of result

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