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Goal of the Allocate flows

The goal of this tool is to help user to allocate flows in view "5.2 Allocate flows on physical interface". Tool analyses flows produced and consumed by Subsystems, Enabling systems and matches these flows to physical interface with same relations. It helps user to complete view "5.2 Allocate flows on physical interface" and "5.2.A Show non allocated flows". Once you finish to allocate flows, view "5.2.A Show non allocated flows" doesn't more display flows.

Figure 1 Incomplete allocation of flows

Access to the Allocate flows

To run the tool you have to go in process view in object "System Engineering Data Management Process" find step "5. Functional allocation" :

Figure 2 How to run the tool


This tool can analyze 4 cases :

  • Allocated flows
  • Deallocated flows (flow removed from interface, allocation set to NO)
  • "Mapped to YES" flows (allocation changed to YES)
  • "Changed to NO" flows (allocation changed to NO)
  • Deleted flows

The result is display in a Word document which looks like the following:

Allocated flows

Tool finds flows to allocate to physical interface. It allocates the flow and changes an attribute named "Mapped" to YES. You can see an example in figure 3, flow "Position of the mouse" is allocated to physical interface "USB cable" and attribute of the flow is changed to YES.

Figure 3 Example of flow allocated

Warning : This tool will try to allocate all flows in you project.


"Mapped to YES" flows

Tool finds a flow under an interface and this flow is not marked as mapped. The tool will check if the interface is the good one and change attribute "Mapped" to YES.

"Changed to NO" flows

Tool finds a flow with "Mapped" value set to YES but not allocated to an interface. "Mapped" attribute is then changed to NO.

Deallocated flows

When a flow can't be matched to a physical interface, or is allocated to a bad physical interface and this flow has the attribute mapped to YES, tool will delete flow allocation and change "Mapped" attribute YES to NO.

Deleted flows

When a flow is present in the "Allocation" projection, but not present in the functional architecture projection, the tool deletes it. Usually this means that somebody deleted flow from the architecture, but it remained in the allocation view.

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