The Rule Model (also sometimes referred to as the Rule Maker Model) is an model which describes the Model Gateway import / export rules between a particular target project and external data format. It is strongly linked with the Meta Model of the target project and the format of the external data.

At his highest level the Rule Model is composed of WorkBook objects which are themselves contain Sheet objects. This structure is directly derived from the Excel file with the WorkBooks corresponding to the Excel file and the Sheets to the file sheets.

Rule Model WorkBook

A WorkBook is a convenient way to group several sheets, it is also the object from which a Rule File is generated. It has description attribute where the user can add useful information.

In its context menu a WorkBook provides the following functions:

Rule Model Sheet

The Sheet object contains the import/export rules for a single sheet of the external data. In the case of an Excel file it maps there is a direct mapping between Rule Model Sheets and Excel sheets (the actual mapping depends on the external data format).

Each Sheet object has the following attributes:

In a Sheet the rules are described by a composition of: