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  • AddChildObject( arktype, name=None, flowdir='output', variant='empty')
    Add a child object of type arktype and return this child object. If name is None then a dummy object (i.e. with a automatically generated name) is created. Otherwise if the arKItect object (name, arktype) already exists then a reference to this object is added to the child list and in the case the object (name, arktype) does not yet exist it is created and added to the child list. The argument flowdir is used only when arktype is a flow, it specifies if the flow is an 'input' flow or an 'output' flow. If arktype is not a valid type then the function returns None. The argument variant specifies whether variant settings are to be set for the newly added object - possible values are 'empty' and 'current': 'empty' will apply no variant settings, while 'current' will force application of currently active variant settings
  • AddChildReference( arkobjref, flowdir='output' )
    Add a reference to the arKItect object arkobjref to the child list (no effect if arkobjref is already in the child list) and return corresponding ArkObjRef object.
  • RemoveChild( arktype, name, [flowdir] )
    Remove the object of arktype and name from the child list. If no other reference to the object exists then it is destroyed.


  • GetActiveUsers()
    Returns the list of names of аctive users for the view path given by ArkObjRef.

 ArkObjRef object.