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In this view, we can see non allocated Flows. To access this view, choose it in the drop-down list in the main toolbar (see figure 1).

In figure 2, "Position of the mouse", which is an allocated flow, is displayed in the view 5.2. In figure 3, this flow is not displayed. In this way, the view 5.2.A. displays only the non-allocated flows and allows to focus on them in order to allocate them to the concerned functions.


<p><img class="editor-inline-macro" src="/plugins/servlet/confluence/placeholder/macro?definition=e2FuY2hvcjpfUmVmRmlnMX0&amp;locale=fr_FR&amp;version=2" data-macro-name="anchor" data-macro-default-parameter="_RefFig1"> <img class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" height="419" width="622" src="/download/attachments/70681659/5.2.A%20before.PNG?version=1&amp;modificationDate=1374845657853&amp;api=v2" data-image-src="/download/attachments/70681659/5.2.A%20before.PNG?version=1&amp;modificationDate=1374845657853&amp;api=v2" data-linked-resource-id="30572755" data-linked-resource-type="attachment" data-linked-resource-default-alias="5.2.A before.PNG" data-base-url="" data-linked-resource-container-id="70681659" title="System Engineering Advanced 6.1.x > 5.2.A Show non Allocated Flows > 5.2.A before.PNG" data-location="System Engineering Advanced 6.1.x > 5.2.A Show non Allocated Flows > 5.2.A before.PNG"><br />
<span style="color: rgb(31,73,125);">Figure 2. All flows are displayed in the view 5.2.</span></p>