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It is important to highlight that when you add a component to a Physical Chain, its physical relations will be added too. Some of them will be displayed with a question mark, since their Producers / Consumers are not added to the Physical Chain (and consequently cannot be displayed in it).

Show / Hide Attribute

The objects included in a Physical Chain have an attribute called ''Display", with two possible values: Show or Hide. When Objects are added to a Physical Chain, this attribute's default value is set as "Show". There are objects that we cannot remove from the Physical Chain, however, we are able to hide them.

In order to do this, right-click on the object and go to the object's properties, or you may select the object and click on the Properties menu button. Afterwards, you may set the "Display" attribute to hide.

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To hide an object, you need to right click on it and make "Hide". It is possible to hide several object by selecting them and make "Hide x objects" (Warning: flows can be regroup to only one arrow)


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In our example, we hid hide the Physical Relations coming from Motherboard that did not have a Physical Interface added to our Physical Chain. The result should look similar to this:


The added components and their correspondig corresponding Physical relations, as well as the Physical Interfaces and Enabling Systems are added to the Physical Interface. In the example, we hid hide the Physical Relations with question marks, or not relevant to the Physical Chain.