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This tool can be started from view "Process" and will change in view "5.2. Allocate flows on interface" and "5.2.A. Show non allocated flows" this view help to allocate manually flows to physical interfaces.
First view (see figure 1) shows all flows but second view shows only flows not allocated (flows with attribute "Mapped" to NO see figure 2) .




<img class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" src="/download/attachments/70681577/5.2.png" data-image-src="/download/attachments/70681577/5.2.png" data-linked-resource-id="55018659" data-linked-resource-type="attachment" data-linked-resource-default-alias="5.2.png" data-base-url="" data-linked-resource-container-id="70681577" title="Systems Engineering Advanced 6.1.x > Detailed - Allocate flows > 5.2.png" data-location="Systems Engineering Advanced 6.1.x > Detailed - Allocate flows > 5.2.png"><br />
<span style="color: rgb(31,73,125);">Figure 1. View 5.2 to allocate flows </span>


<img class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" src=";modificationDate=1464276742140&amp;api=v2" data-image-src="/download/attachments/5491936570681577/5.2.A.png?version=1&amp;modificationDate=1464276742140&amp;api=v2" data-linked-resource-id="5501866070681577" data-linked-resource-type="attachment" data-linked-resource-default-alias="5.2.A.png" data-base-url="" data-linked-resource-container-id="54919365" title="Systems Engineering Advanced 56.71.x > Detailed - Allocate flows > 5.2.A.png" data-location="Systems Engineering Advanced 56.71.x > Detailed - Allocate flows > 5.2.A.png"><br />
<span style="color: rgb(31,73,125);">Figure 2. View 5.2.A to see not allocated flows </span>