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In the Tabular view of the view 4.1., as in its Internal Block Diagram, we can define Physical Architecture of our System including its components and its Physical Interfaces. Projects Tools gives access to Tabular views (see figure 11).

Figure 11. Tabular View of the View 4.1. in Project Tools

a. Define Physical Architecture

In table 1 you can define the Physical Architecture. This table contains two sheets to define components and Physical Interfaces, specifying their names and their parents.


Using the last one you can add a new row to create a new component / Physical Interfaces (see figure 12)..

Figure 12. Add a new Object in Tabular view 4.1

By right-clicking on the ID of each existing component / Physical Interfaces, you can replace it either by another existing component / Physical Interfaces or by a new one. Similarly, you can insert or remove a row (see figure 13).

Figure 13. Modify the Content of the table in Tabular view 4.1.


  • Apply: modifications are taken into account in the table,
  • OK: the same as Apply, but it switches the view back to the Internal Block Diagram,
  • Cancel: modifications are deleted and the view is switched back to the Internal Block Diagram.

Table 2 is a read-only table which gives an overview of the Physical Architecture wherein you can see the components of the System, their parents, and their Physical Interfaces. Since this a read-only table, there is only one button "Quit" in the bottom right hand corner of the table allowing to exit the table.