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This web page is a model of ISO 15288 reviewed with the flows production and consumptions as reworked in the INCOSE Guideline 2015.

Conventions are same as before:
- cyan blue boxes are processes according to ISO 15288
- leaf blue boxes are activities which means parts of processes.
- flows between boxes are items according to ISO 15289, e.g. documents delivrables resulting from ISO 15288 processes execution.
For obvious IP reasons, we did not display definitions and descriptions from the norms.
- when double clicking on a box, you go into that box and see corresponding sub-processes.
- by convention, flows names with same producer and same destination are grouped together.
- small white boxes correspond to input ports of flows that are not coming from an actor of the same layer.
- small black boxes correspond to output ports of flows that are not going to an actor of the same layer.
- question mark on ports ("?") means that corresponding flows are not produced or consumed.
- if mark "!!" is present on a port, it means it is a double production of flow. This is possible if in the norm, same deliverable is produced by different processes. This is possible e.g. "problem report" is produced and consumed by many processes, however they do not correspond to the same kind of problems and could be named differently accordingly. 
- Especially in this model flow "problem report" and only this one has been hidden because it is produced and consumed by many processes and degraded the readability of the model.