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Besides filters, it is also possible to create subfilters. The subfilters must have a parent filter from which they inherit their properties. The inherited properties include

Subfilters have one special characteristic in comparison with independent filters: they can only contain rules that are also present in the parent filter. It is thus possible to remove rules from the subtfilters with respect to the parent filter but it is not possible to add rules that are not present in the parent filter. Subfilters are thus used to add additional filters to the parent filter.

For instance, if you have a parent filter called the Economy, you could add subfilters called Consumption, Trade and Investment. These subrfilters would permit you to present only chosen aspects at a time from the complex parent filter.


The Internal Block Diagram positions of objects in the parent filter and in the subfilters are linked: if an object is moved in a subfilter (or in the parent filter), it shall also change positions in the sibling subfilters and the parent filter.

In order to create a subfilter, choose the parent filter in Filters and select Add Subfilter from the right-click context menu. You are asked to name the subfilter and when you click on OK the subfilter appears in the Filters hierarchy beneath the parent filter. By default, all the same rules are checked in the subfilter as in the parent filter.


The same naming rule applies to subfilters as to filters: all the names must be unique. You cannot thus use the same name for a subfilter and a filter.

You can manipulate subfilters in the same manner as filters: it is for instance possible to remove a subfilter, to rename a subfilter, access their the subfilter properties, to employ check rules and so on. It is also possible to set a subfilter as the filter by default. The only difference is that subfilters cannot be copied. The check rules applied to subfilters are also slightly different, see below for more details.

Subfilters are displayed under the filters in both the Filters panel and in the Treeviews drop-down list of the Navigation Panel of the Home Category, offset to the left. In the following example, Physical Architecture is a subfilter.

Check Rules

In subfilters, all check rules concerning checking and not unchecking (apart from Check Rule) are replaced by the following option:

  • Set Rules as in Parent Filter

This option can be applied to both the entire subfilter or to nodes in the subfilter. The unchecking rules from filters can also be applied to subfilters.


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