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Goal of MatDraw

The aim of MatDraw is to give user a better representation of a view by keeping objects positions, and replacing crossing flows by ports. Then, user can export the graph in PDF or SVG format.
MatDraw allows you to change and save objects positions without modifying positions of objects in Internal Block Diagram (IBD) (see figure 1).



Access to MatDraw

To access MatDraw (only from IBD/RBD) just click on the "Matdraw" tab in the arKItect window as displayed below figure 2:



Redraw Graph

This feature redraws the graph (see figure 3). That means if objects have been replaced, "Redraw Graph" feature will replace flows on concerned objects. 


Reload To Block Diagram

This feature sets the objects positions to the source diagram (IBD/RBD) using positions of "MatDraw" diagram (see figure 4).



Note: This feature could be hide, so to display it click on "View" --> "Show Toolbar" (see figure 5)


Save the graph into PDF file (see figure 6).


PDF Options…


By clicking on figure 7, displays the following window figure 8 that allows user to change PDF parameters like orientation or size. 



Note: This feature could be hide, so to display it click on "View" --> "Show Toolbar" (see figure 9)
Save the graph into SVG file.



Save As…

This feature allows you to save the diagram in a .gdd file on your computer.  (see figure 10).


Save boxes positions as ...

Save the positions of objects (see figure 11). if you move some objects, and you leave the MatDraw graph and then return into it, objects positions are kept if you use this feature. Otherwise graph is reset to default.



Load boxes positions from file…

Load objects positions using the .gbi file generated by the "Save boxes positions as…" feature (see figure 12).


Using the .gdd file generated by "Save As…" feature, show the modification of the diagram (renaming, deleting, creating…) (see figure 13)


Results can be as following:

- Flow port in dark red  --> Deleted flow

- Flow port in bright red  --> Deallocated flow

- Flow port in dark green --> Added flow 

- Flow port in bright green --> Allocated flow 

- Boxe in red  --> Deleted boxe

- Boxe in green --> Added boxe

- Boxe with two names --> Renamed boxe (old & new name displayed)


Using this feature (see figure 14 and figure 15), you can change parameters like grouping flows that have the same parents, hide or show labels, ports size…



About icons

As you can see in MatDraw view, there are a some icons linked to flows:

  : This icon symbolize the producer and consumer of a flow (by default, bigger part represents the color of producer).

  : Indicates that the flow comes from an object external to the diagram.

  : Indicates that the flow is consumed outside of the diagram.

  : Indicates that the flow, that comes from outside, is produced more than one time.


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