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Logging In

The first thing you need to know about arKItect, is that your data are safe. They are stored on a server and not on your computer. When arKItect starts, it tries to connect to the server. Before you can do anything, arKItect asks you to log in.

You should have a login and a password. Usually, your login is your e-mail address. You should have received your password by e-mail from If you cannot find the e-mail, please check your junk mail box. You should not respond to, your mail would not be read.


If you have lost your password, try to log-in by guessing a password. If the password is not the right one, arKItect will propose (Forgot your password?) to send you a new password by e-mail.

Launching the arKItect application opens the log-in window. In the log-in window, just enter your login and password and press Confirm license to log in.


You won't be allowed to log in if you are already logged in on another computer.

When you are logging in, arKItect asks you to choose a workspace.

Logging Out

To log out, you need to close arKItect (Main button(File)Close) or change user.

Changing the User

To change the arKItect user, you do not necessary need to close arKItect. You can also use the Change Workspace menu item accessible in Main button(File)->Workspace or via a shortcut Ctrl+W. This permits you to access the same log-in window you already saw when logging in the first time.


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