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The filter Properties can be accessed from the right-click context menu in Filters.

You can access Properties from the right-click menu anywhere in the Filters tree; however, your location will affect the active node in the Abstract Objects section. For instance, when you select Properties on the type System, the System node will be displayed in the opening properties window.

The opening properties window contains the following sections:

  • Properties
  • Types

In the Properties section, you can see the following check-boxes:

  • Meta-Model Part: controls whether the project data of the projection is copied along with the meta-model when the project is used as a template
  • Default Filter: controls whether the current filter is defined as the filter by default.
  • Show versions: displays suffixes in the projection tree indicating the version number of object instances (the version number depends on the number of modifications).
  • Show attributes in views: controls whether the list of attributes is visible in the object containers.
  • Show outgoing/incoming flow ports in views: controls whether the outgoing and incoming flow ports are visible in the projection.
  • Filter is visible: whether the current filter can be used to create a projection (see Invisible Filters for more information).
  • Snap to Grid: activates the snap to grip option for the projection created by the filter.
  • Keys: key words that can be used to identify a filter/projection (this can be useful in scripts when the name of the filter is unknown).

The Filter is visible option should be unchecked in the case of parent filters that are merely used as an aid to create subfilters; the projections created by the parent filters themselves contain too many objects and they are not intended to be used for visualization. Set Visible can also be unchecked via the right-click context menu (see Invisible Filters for more information).

Beneath the Types title, you can see the list of all the types checked in the filter. For each type, you can see the following properties:

  • Displayed attribute
  • Filter is Master/Secondary
  • Contain Flows

The issues related to the Types section are treated in detail in the following pages:


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