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An enumeration attribute can only take values in a predefined and finite set. For example, an enumeration attribute Status can have values Done, In Progress and To Do. Below you can see an example of an attribute named Component Type.

The values are determined in Rules by adding attribute values using Add Attribute from the right-click menu of the enumerator; the type is automatically defined as Enumerator value. The enumerator value corresponds to the name you choose for it.

You can also set graphical properties for a given enumerator value:

  • The Icon will modify the icon of the enumerator value object in Rules (overwriting the type icon).
  • The Background (image), the Font, the Fill and the Border Line are applied to the display of the attribute value in the Internal Block Diagram.

When an enumerator value exists, you can remove it or rename it or change its properties from its right-click menu in the same manner as you do for type attributes.

You can define the default value of an enumerator from the properties window of the enumerator attribute. The available values are presented in a drop-down list; the list contains all the enumerator values that have been previously defined.


Enumerators are very useful because you can use them in filters.

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