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Chain FSM View is a generic representation of objects hierarchy under the chain with the table of hierarchical objects and their attributes.

This view is based on Finite State Mochine (FSM) generated to be equal to the filter rules. The FSM is used for fast data loading from arKItect.

Simple use:

just execute 'baseline' script for the selected chain - this display will be shown (after expanding all items):


 Part #1 displays:


  • object hierarchy 
  • object type
  • object Revision #

Part #2 displays all objects attributes. If one attribute is defined for two different types - single column will be used for displaying value


With this view user can export data to Excel or Word with buttons on the top. Export will keep objects hierarchy and attribute order


using 'settings' button user can tune the display. All settings are stored and so applied when user reopens the view.

Extended example - using 'Settings':

 1. Show only leafs objects

click 'Select types' button to check the required types:

Result: only leaf objects of selected types (in the case of the object of type 'A' under the object of type 'A') will be displayed in te FSM view.

Example: select 'Function' in settings

2. Repeat parent attributes

click 'Select types' button to check the required types:

Result - parent attribute values are multiplied for children objects if attributes of the same types exist

Example: 'author' attribute is multiplied from the 'enabling system' parent object to children

3. display attributes for leafs only

for the selected types (with button 'select types') - attributes will be displayed only for leaves (in the case of the last object of type 'A' under the object of type 'A', not objects of type 'A' below in hierarchy)


4. Display children as attribute

This option gathers all children of the given type and displays them as a list in the attribute column.  

In this example the 'Function' type was defined as 'child as attribute' so all 'functions' are displayed as the list in the parent cell instead of the hierarchy

5. Hidden columns

User can hide any set of columns an so reduce the display and export (only visible attributes are exported)

it could be done in Setup or with right-click command the header

6. 'programs executed'

This option allows to define - which programs should be executed to create the cell value. so the resulting program value will be displayed in the cell

7. 'hide children with '...''

Allows to reduce the display - in the case when the amount of children of the same type is > 10 - children became hidden with '...' group




WS: SEA_sandbox

Project: Laptop (SEA 6.2) with new chains

Filter: 3.c. Functional chains





'baseline' under the chain object



_root_fsm_config (memo): keeps the generated FSMs per filter. to be cleaned after MetaModel changes


_fsm_view_config (memo): keeps display FSM settings 



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