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First of all, to work with SEA, you have to open a project in SEA metamodel. To open a project, please see the related documentation here.

The SEA activities cover a standard V cycle process in Systems Engineering:

  • (1) Operational Analysis: to define the context diagram of the system of interest including the system itself, enabling systems and stakeholders and also to describe the business requirement and business relations between the studied system and its environment, to define external and internal use cases and to draw sequence charts of the studied system with stakeholders and enabling systems, to define requirements for use cases and sequence charts,
  • (2) System Requirements Management: to define and refine internal and external requirements of the studied system,
  • (3) Functional Architecture: to define functions and flows of the studied system, and to allocate requirements to them,
  • (4) Physical Architecture: to design the physical architecture with components and physical interfaces of the studied system, and to allocate requirements to them,
  • (5) Functional Allocation: to allocate functions to components, to allocate flows to interfaces, and to ensure that all functions and flows are allocated,
  • (6) Validation Plan: to create validation campaigns in order to test whether all requirements are fulfilled.

When you open a project, you will be in a Projection called "Process". Double-click on the only box that you see which is named "Systems Engineering Data Management Process". On this box, you can see the number of version of the SEA metamodel:

You see then the V-process: 

Each step represents one activity. For each activity, there is a Projection to perform it. The name of the Projections are as the same as the activities.


You can use the V-Process to navigate in the different Projections and quickly reach the activity (Projection) you want to work on: right-click on the box of the activity. Then, place the mouse cursor on "GoTo". The sub-activities of each activity are displayed and you can select one of them by clicking on it:


To get back to this view at any time, you can select the Process view in the Projection drop-down list: 


These views (activities, steps) are described in subsections of this documentation page. All of these views have a graphical interface (Internal Block Diagram: IBD) and most of them offer also a tabular interface (Tabular view) (see table 1). Additionally, SEA arKItect provides some tools (imports, exports, analysis...) which are helpful to perform the activities of the views. You can find the full documentation of these tools in the "SEA tools" page.

Define Validation Means  

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