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Interface with DOORS

In SEA 6.1, structure of arKItect data to be exported in DOORS has been changed:

1) DAS module contains 3 mains chapters :

  • STR_COMPs with all requirements allocated to a Component.

Components names are used as a chapter to group all allocated requirements.

  • STR_SYS with all requirements consuming a flow from another system

Systems names are used as a chapter to group all allocated requirements.

  • Design requirements with all "intermediate" requirements

2) STR Module is structured according to Title requirements.


arKItect Data

Structure to be exported to DOORS



Requirement as Tree (RAT)

  • RAT can now be stopped at a defined requirement type
  • RAT can now export all tests allocated to a requirement
  • RAT improvement to export more options.



  • Fix of automatic deliverable naming by the Baseline tool
  • The manage Baseline GUI is no longer displayed when using fast-release/preview mode


Allocation chain

  • Improvement of "Initialize Allocation Chains from FC" script :  selecting a Functional Chain corresponding to an existing Allocation Chain will update this Allocation Chain.


Functional Chain (previous one didn't have object Router) :

Current Allocation Chain (corresponding to Functional Chain without Router object)



Result after run script "Initialize Allocation Chains from FC" : The Allocation Chain is updated.

Init chain from object

In SEA 6.1, it is possible to create a new functional chain from an enable system or a function present in view "3.1. Define functional architecture"

Make a right click on a function or an enabling system will display a menu with "Init chain from object".


Then a window opens (see figure 4) and you can choose the different characteristics of your Functional Chain according to the selected object:

  • Name (the name of the new FC)
  • Propagation direction (in which direction you want your FC goes)
    • Forward
    • Backward
    • Both
  • Link types (choose the type of links you want to see in your FC)

All links

    • Physical flow
    • Data flow
  • Search Depth (means how many objects you will take according to the directions)

    • All
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • ...
  • Include external objects

Figure 4. FC configuration








  • Fix of the "Define CSR" script



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