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Goal of the Inherit only Color to Children

Inherit only Color to Children is a Tool to prompt colors to multiple objects having a relationship. This tool spreads color properties of a selected parent object to children.

Figure 1. Example

Access to Inherit only Color to Children

This tool is displayed in whole project and there are two ways to use this tool, the first one is by tools menu (see Figure 2):

Figure 2. Tools menu

The second one is by tools project button (see Figure 3) :

Figure 3. Project Tools menu


You have to select an object and then run the tool. Notice that properties are spread to children object only if objects (Parent, children) are authorized to change their graphical properties.

Fill properties

All fill properties are spread to children. Notice that old children fill properties are lost (see Figure 4):

Figure 4. Fill properties

Boder line properties

Only border color is spread to children (see Figure 5) .

Figure 5. Border line properties
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