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This tool can be started in view "2.1 Define system requirements", in this view you will see laptop requirements defined in system, stakeholder and enabling system. (see figure 1. By default, requirement has turquoise color.

Figure 1. View 2.0 before tool run

After running the script requirements are colored. Color depends of requirements attributes values : requirement type and status. For status attribute the only value analysed by the tool is "obsolete" value. It is converted into grey.

For requirement type attribute, every values have a color, for example high level is green, constraint is red... so after running the script you must have the same result as the figure 2.

Figure 2. View 2.0 after tool run

To check color you can see requirement attribute and compare :

Attribute values


Behavioural requirement

pastel blue


pastel red

Functional requirement

default color (turquoise)

Operational requirement

pastel green

Performance requirement


System concept

light pastel green

Safety Requirement


High level


MMI requirement


Interface requirement


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