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This tool can be started from view "Process" and will change in view "5.2. Allocate flows on interface" and "5.2.A. Show non allocated flows" this view help to allocate manually flows to physical interfaces.
First view (see figure 1) shows all flows but second view shows only flows not allocated (flows with attribute "Mapped" to NO see figure 2) .



Figure 1. View 5.2 to allocate flows



Figure 2. View 5.2.A to see not allocated flows

In the first view, we can see that Position of the mouse is allocated so we don't see it in USB Cable in second view. Before running the tool, we can delete "USB Cable" interface and run the tool.

RESULT (shown in a Word document automatically generated):

7 Allocated (flows)
1 Deallocated (flows)
0 Mapped to YES flows
0 Mapped to NO

Allocated flows :
220 V supply to Electrical cable
220 V supply for screen to Electrical cable 2
Graphical connection response to VGA cable
Graphical data to VGA cable
internet cabled connection to Ethernet cable
other flows under system

Deallocated flows :
Position of the mouse because it was mapped but it has not physical interface

Internet WiFi connection is not managed because tool did not match physical interface connection with this flow. Physical Interface is linked to Network Card but flow is consumed by Wifi Card.


Figure 3. Result in view 5.2.A
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