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Warning: You need an arKItect Designer license to perform certain steps of this tutorial.



The Model Gateway is a tool to make custom import / export of tabular data to / from arKItect models. While the Model Gateway only supports Excel file format out of the box, it can be extended to support other kind of tabular format thanks to a plugin mechanism (note that plugins are not covered by this tutorial). Typical use cases for the Model Gateway are as following:

  • transferring data existing in Excel format to an arKItect model,
  • importing data from an Excel file to an arKItect model (non destructive import in the sense that it cannot delete arKItect objects),
  • synchronizing an arKItect model with an Excel file,
  • extracting specific data/relation from an arKItect model to an Excel file (e.g. export / creation of reports).

Note that the Model Gateway is currently only accessible through arKItect Python scripting.


The reader is expected to have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Basic manipulation of arKItect
  • Notions on arKItect type diagram
  • Creation and execution of Python scripts in arKItect


The Model Gateway uses a Rule Model (which is an arKItect model with a specific type diagram) to define the import / export rules between the model and the Excel file. This Rule Model describes how the model types, relations, and attributes relate to the Excel file sheets and columns, thus it is specific to both the Excel file structure and the arKItect model type diagram.

Import / export does not directly use the Rule Model but a Rule File which is generated from it as shown by the diagram below:

This tutorial are divided in two parts:

  • the basic tutorials which are a must read for any beginner
  • the advanced tutorials which introduce more complex subjects and are a recommended read for beginners

Model Gateway and treeviews


The Model Gateway tries to be independent of the treeviews defined in the target arKItect model. To achieve this the Model Gateway tries to recompose an 'all' projection (i.e. a projection with all its elements checked) from the available projections. All Model Gateway operations are performed in this recomposed 'all' projection.

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