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The Model Gateway matrix format allows you to import and export Excel sheets which have a matrix like layout (similar to Excel pivot tables).

The matrix formatting is implemented on top of the normal table import/export:

  • for import the matrix is first converted to a table before being imported
  • for export the Model Gateway exports a table, and then the table is converted to a matrix which is written to Excel

Configuring the matrix format in the Rule Model

To use the matrix format the Sheet format attribute must be set to matrix.
In order to facilitate your life you can use the WorkBook 'Init Matrix Sheet' script (available in WorkBook context menu) to create an already configured Sheet with the three base Columns of a standard matrix rule sheet.

A simple matrix rule sheet contains the following Columns (note that the name of the Columns is important as it allows the Model Gateway to identify their role):

  • Row: data which his placed in the vertical headers of the matrix
  • Column: data which his placed in the horizontal headers of the matrix
  • Content: data which is placed in the matrix cells, note that this Column is optional, if it is not present the Model Gateway will place a marker in the cells which correspond to a table entry.


It is possible to include several layers or Rules and Columns.

The attached picture is an example:



You could add Row2, Row3,... if you wish

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